Re-Circle to Re-Invent Your "I AM."

Have you begun to realize that you are putting position over your real passion and purpose? Everyone has a purpose and the key to finding that purpose is knowing your I AM. Unfamiliar, unexpected and new situations elicit a remarkable response from horses that we call the "Re-Circle." Horses naturally move away from pressure-causing situations until they find a "safe spot" to stop and get a greater perspective on the situation. Want to know more about how re-circling can help you find a new perspective on your situation and move forward on an exciting new path?

Personal, Leadership and Team Performance Coaching



Possibilities  Potential  Purpose  Performance

We believe in positive based change and a solution oriented approach when guiding you to a better knowing of yourself and finding your own answers.

Make the investment in yourself or your team today!  It will pay off in a big way as:

  • Strengths are discovered
  • Self-confidence and awareness are gained
  • Mindfulness and being "in the moment" are experienced
  • Heart and Brain connection to build resiliency is learned
  • Ways to maintain optimal work/life balance are discovered
  • You see possibilities, realize potential, find purpose and ignite performance

Based on an initial conversation and assessment, the coaching plan is specifically tailored to meet your or your team's desired goals and needs.

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Pausing for purpose is one of the most valuable, transformative forces a team can do to reach a level of high performance.  Investing in a half-day, full day or two days, doing hands on activities with one or more of the horses will help any group to re-energize, re-connect and grow as a team.  Discover individual strengths, styles and challenges and how it contributes to the overall effectiveness of the team.

Together you will discover:

  • Common puropse
  • Alignment
  • How to resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • How to embrace change
  • Strength in diversity
  • Collective wisdom and leadership
  • And of course.....FUN!

Let's talk about how we can help your team meet the high performance expectations of today's world. It is worth the time and investment.

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There is no riding, no horsemanship skills are taught and no horse experience is necessary.  All activities with the horses are on the ground.

Activities and classes are customized for any situation and desired outcome.