Re-Circle to Re-Invent Your "I AM."

Have you begun to realize that you are putting position over your real passion and purpose? Everyone has a purpose and the key to finding that purpose is knowing your I AM. Unfamiliar, unexpected and new situations elicit a remarkable response from horses that we call the "Re-Circle." Horses naturally move away from pressure-causing situations until they find a "safe spot" to stop and get a greater perspective on the situation. Want to know more about how re-circling can help you find a new perspective on your situation and move forward on an exciting new path?

The Equine Encounter

Uncommon Ground

Experience how a horse can help you break through barriers to communication and connection by doing activities on the ground in the arena.

2 hours/$75.00 per person

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Heart, Head & Horse

Gaining Coherence

Bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment using a unique combination of science and horse.  Experience a whole new way of learning to increase self-awareness, build and sustain resilience and intelligently self-regulate energy.

2.5 hours/$150.00 per person

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Re-Circle to Re-Invent

An unlikely coach, the horse will show you how to move away from pressure such as stress, uncertainty or fear and gain a new perspective.  By learning how to take a step back physically, mentally and emotionally, any issue can now be seen as it really is and an emotionally intelligent decision can be made about what direction to take. Horses do this instinctively and we call it the re-circle.

2.5 hours/$150.00 per person

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20%  discount for all 3 Equine Encounters

6 hours/$300.00 per person

Can be done all in one day or split up int 2 or 3 days.

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Unique Retreats

Pausing for purpose is one of the most valuable, transformative forces a team can do to reach a level of high performance.  Half-day or one full day retreats are available for your team to re-group, re-energize and reconnect as you do hands on activities with the horses.  This package includes a next day debrief call with the team and/or individuals to follow up on a new vision, commitments or strategic plans that were identified for the team.  There is also the option of returning to the Re-Circle Ranch for an additional opportunity to interact with the horses in activities to affirm commitments and assure alignment with any new goals.  Call today and let's talk about how we can help your team meet the performance expectations of today's world.

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The Red Farmhouse is a hidden treasure on 5 acres minutes from shopping, restaurants and more.

The Red Farmhouse is a hidden treasure on 5 acres minutes from shopping, restaurants and more.