In A Moment, LLC

About In A Moment, LLC - a Brief Introduction & Overview

Owner/Founder – In a Moment, LLC

Kathryn Uran, BSN, MS, RN, NEA-BC, EAL-C Certified Life and Recovery Coach, has 40 years of health care experience ranging from bedside to board room. Kathryn brings a wealth of wisdom to team, individual growth, development, and recovery. Kathryn is an equine professional holding certification in Equine Assisted Learning for over 10 years. Kathryn also brings the first-hand experience of being the mother of a recovering addict. This experience has instilled a passion in Kathryn to help as many families as possible get through the really tough time of reconciliation and forgiveness.

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The Equine Coaches

Our horses are experts in silently facilitating powerful, personal experiences. When you join with the horse, you experience immediate feedback and gain awareness about yourself and how you relate to others. Each of our horses has its own special personality that creates a unique teaching style.

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Nicholas Petrucelli

Owner/Founder - 29:11 Foundation

Nicholas Petrucelli, BS, CACIII, EAP-C. Nicholas has been in mental and behavioral health service for over 10 years and specializes in acute and recovery substance use disorder counseling.  Nicholas brings a special compassion and style to equine assisted psychotherapy using his unique set of counseling skills and life coaching.  Having experienced his own journey to addiction recovery and self-awareness, Nicholas is passionate about bringing this kind of profound personal discovery to anyone who is willing to take the journey.

What We Do

Unfamiliar, unexpected and new situations cause stress, uncertainty and even fear in our lives. As these situations are happening to us, our tendency is to speed up – frantically looking for answers, when what we really need to do is slow down.

Come meet us and experience the power horses have in showing you how to increase your ability to sustain composure and balance through any challenge that life throws at you.

Our unique and specialized coaching process provides a “safe spot” for slowing down and taking a closer look that always results in gaining a new perspective, achieving profound personal growth, revealing those strengths that you already have and the ability to move forward on an exciting new path with renewed spirit and courage.